Hermit Thrushes Stack Session

by Hermit Thrushes

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    8 naked, sweaty people, crammed into a 10x10 room with their instruments, equipment, mic stands and piles of accumulated station crap, playing loud fucking rock and roll - this is what college radio means.
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Interview 09:55
KWUR: Alright, so you guys are from Philidelphia and you’re coming through but unfortunately your show fell through so you’ve been so kind as to come in and, uh, hang out for a little bit, and play some tunes, it’s been good. Hermit Thrushes: This is cool. K: Yeah, I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. So, I read on joyfulnoise--this website, who, the label you guys just signed to--that you based a lot of your music around music that’s not American. Like, not American-influenced. Did you want to talk about that a little bit, because I thought that was pretty interesting. T: Uh, yeah. I mean there’s, I don’t know, America is cool. We like America a lot, but there’s a lot that isn’t, I guess, uh, connected to that that is part of who we are. For example, all of us have lived as sherpas in the Alps for a number of years and that’s actually how we all met. And that’s a huge part of our inspiration is just that kind of being in a place where there’s barely any air, it’s below freezing all the time, kind of makes you, you know, think about what you have and what others don’t have. And that’s really the most important influence, is the lesson of humility. K: He seems to think this is pretty funny. Why don’t you talk about him, here. T: Oh yeah, he’s the new guy. He’s a hitchhiker we picked up in Tennessee. Yeah, he’s been learning the songs on the bus. K: That’s good, that’s good. So wait a minute, did they really pick you up in Tennessee? T2: Yeah, Yeah. K: Could you speak-- T2: Yeah, I was in Knoxville, hangin out on my front porch, and uh, he’s talkin about-- K: Oh, that’s all right, uh T: He was in Knoxville hangin out on his front porch and he saw the bus and asked where we were going and we said, all the places where we were going, and he liked some of them so he decided to come along. K: And you guys are also, uh, you have, uh, your bus. Let’s talk about, this bus is insane, cause I’ve never seen anything quite like this. T: Yeah, it’s a hippie bus we inherited it from some dead hippies which is, a true story. Um, there was an old hippie priest who was living in--what was it?--Knoxville, Tennessee? Something like that. Maybe I’m just thinking that cause that’s where Matt’s from, our hitchhiker. K: Yeah. T: But it was somewhere around TN, it was around Knoxville I think. Um. But he was like, he was a Unitarian Universalist, uh, I guess minister not a priest, I don’t know what they call em. But he was like a hundred and two years old, he was absolutely on his last leg--he really only had one leg; it was weird. But he willed us the bus on the one condition that we carry on his family legacy, and his last name was Hermit-Thrushes so we decided to name the band after him, kind of in honor, as an homage to Nathaniel Hermit-Thrushes, our benefactor. K: Wow, that’s really...interesting. T: Um. So yeah, he, uh--rest in peace--(Clears throat) gave us the bus and we’ve been trying to do kind deeds all over the states to kind of, uh, carry on, kind of carry the torch. K: His legacy. T: Yeah, his legacy. K: Well, that’s nice. That’s very, very nice. T: Yeah. We actually just said goodbye to another traveller friend of ours that was hitching a ride. A man by the name of Don No-last-name-needed, he’s just Don. He’s the Don. Um, and I think you saw him leave. K: I did. T: He’s a really nice guy. And we’re gonna miss him a lot. But he’s off to bigger and better things. K: Right on. T: He’s actually just joining the space program, which is awesome, and I wish him the best, but he’s gonna be on the moon one day. K: Cool! T: I think that’s really cool. K: Can I come with you guys? I got classes. T: To the moon, or to the-- T2: Well no, to the next--well both. T: Chicago! Is really cool... K: Wait a minute, I’m going to Chicago. T: Yeah. Classes, shmolassas, right? K: Yeah, it doesn’t really matter. T: It’s cool with us. K: Ok, well let’s talk about that afterwards. T2: Shuh-cago? T: No. Well, I think they call it she-town over there. K: Chi-town? T: Chai--Chi--well, that’s where Chai comes from, I think, so I think it’s called Chai-town. K: Gotcha. Gotcha. So, T: Chaitown. K: Aright, so I usually do one last thing at the end of the interview. T: Ok. K: And that’s let you ask a question, cause I’ve been asking all the questions. So if T: Hmmmmm K: If you guys wanna ask a question, I think that’s a lot more interesting. T: (Sigh) Um, jeez... K: Or to, whoever, you can interview yourselves, whatever. Whatever you wanna do. T: I don’t even know. K: We’re free spirits around here. T: Well, you say that, but, then, the dean came in and said we couldn’t play naked. K: Well actually, I, T: So the free spirits thing kind of, censored. K: I’m going to rescind what the dean says and if you guys wanna go ahead and take your clothes off before you play again, T: All right. K: I got not problem with that. T: I think that could be arranged. We can work that out. K: All right. But uh, so question or no question? T: Well no, I guess that was it, I just wanted to deal with the censorship, which, I mean, it’s kind of the--can I speak freely about the dean? K: As long as you don’t use curse words, yeah. T: Ok. Is pedophile a curse word? K: (Laughs) I don’t think so. T: Ok. We hear that--and I’m not going to say the dean of which school--but a dean, here, at the school, K: Washington University in Saint Louis, T: Washington University, in San Louie, um we heard that he is, in fact, a convicted sex offender. K: (Laughs) I think you might be referring to the owner-- T: Is that libel? K: of a venue, yeah that is, and I think you’re accidentally getting confused with T: No, that’s not, not true, that’s entirely farcical and not intended for public consumption. We’re talking more about somebody else that may or may not, K: That worked a venue in town. T: That may or may not, I don’t wanna burn a bridge that never existed. Or like burning other things. Burn the bras! We’re takin our bras off for this next song. K: All right. Let’s, uh, let’s do that. T: Man the bottle. K: Let’s get, that, started, I guess. All right! If you guys wanna unrobe or whatever it is that you do. Disrobe, HA! Did I say unrobe? I know it’s not a word. That’s okay. Now for this. But it’ll be fun. So. T: That was, incidentally, that was somebody else entirely, not a member of the band or a representative of the radio station who just said that stuff about the dean. K: Don’t worry about it, man, don’t worry about it. Let’s just, uh, take off our clothes, and play some rock and roll music.
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crying 01:00


Find out why the Hermit Thrushes decided to play naked at blog.kwur.com/2009/09/stack-sessions-hermit-thrushes.html

Our interview is transcribed here: kwur.bandcamp.com/track/interview-15


released August 26, 2009

Recorded live at KWUR on 8-26-2009
Performed by Hermit Thrushes
Recorded by Kenny Hofmeister


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