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Ben and Seb stopped by to play a few tunes and chat for a bit - check the interview for tidbits on their new album, what they've been up to in the mean time, and them stealing my ideas (you'll be hearing from my lawyers, guys). Anyway, it was a great, if short, session as well - they acousticized the single from their self-titled debut, "Gold And Warm," as well as what will probably be the next single, "Falling Tide." Both are of the utmost sound quality, and as always, you can download everything right here.

Our interview is transcribed here:


released July 15, 2009

Recorded live at KWUR on 7-15-2009
Performed by Bad Veins
Recorded by Kenny Hofmeister



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KWUR St Louis, Missouri

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Track Name: Interview
KWUR: You guys decided to go with the regular old “Bad Veins” [for the album title]. I remember last time we spoke, you wouldn’t tell us what you were going to name it.
Ben Davis: Well, we had some ideas… but we ultimately decided that none of them were any good, so we just went with “Bad Veins.”
Seb Schultz: It was the default.
KWUR: What have you guys been doing, for the past, I dunno, since we last spoke?
Ben: It’s been a lot of getting ready for the record to come out, there’s a lot that goes into it. There’s a lot of decisions, record contracts, album artwork, setting up tours, and it doesn’t sound like a lot, but with just about anything – there’s a lot on the back-end that you might not know about. Like, I could say, “you know, you just come in here and grab a mic and talk about stuff, right?” No, there’s all kinds of stuff you have to do. We’ve been busy with that kind of stuff.
KWUR: Of course, I can imagine…
Ben: No, I wasn’t knocking your question, I was just saying, there’s a lot of stuff that’s boring and not really quantifiable, even.
KWUR: I was just curious, I’m not in Cincinnati, so I don’t know how much you guys still play around Cincinnati anymore, but I didn’t know if you were touring, or what was going on.
Ben: We’ve done a little bit of light touring, a week here or there. A week after the record comes out – the record comes out July 21st – is that right?
KWUR: Yes.
Ben: So, as of right now, that’s next week – so if this ever gets re-aired, it will already be out. But yeah, as soon as the record comes out, July 31st, maybe a week or ten days after the record comes out, is when we really hit the road and get busy.
KWUR: That’s when the heavy touring is going to come in.
Seb: Yeah, we’ll be on tour for the rest of our lives.
KWUR: Are you excited? You don’t sound terribly excited about that.
Seb: No no no, really excited about it, it’s just, you know…
Ben: It’s like, you get excited when you get the job that you wanted, but then, a week in, you’re mad that you gotta get up at 8. You got the job you wanted, but you’ve still got to get up at 8.
KWUR: Still gotta do all the hard work that’s involved in that job.
Ben: Right. Definitely what we want to be doing, but we’re just being mopey about going, getting up at 8.
KWUR: That’s fair. [laughter] I want to speak for a moment about your new album – I’ve listened to it multiple times all the way through, and just to comment, it’s impossible to pin down. Whenever I review a CD for the radio station, it’s always like,”Oh, it sounds like this, it sounds like that,” and I got nothing. Like, I have no idea what it sounds like.
Ben: Well thanks! That’s exactly what we want to hear.
Seb: Mission accomplished.
KWUR: So maybe I’m just not listening to the right kind of music, but I don’t know, I feel like when you do listen to new music, or any kind of art, you try to compare it to something else so you can accept it. It’s awesome when something comes around that’s different, but also awesome. It’s good, it’s fun.
Ben: From day one, we tried to start a project with our own rules, or lack of rules, and I think the end result was something a little bit off-kilter, that maybe hadn’t been done - maybe it has, I mean, it can’t be that original. But yeah, we set out to do what we wanted, and it turned out it was a little bit different.
KWUR: How do you make so much noise? Because the album is not loud, but there’s a lot going on, and there’s only two of you performing. So, how? I mean, I don’t want to spoil the magic behind the process…
Ben: Well, we work backwards. We make the record, then we figure out how to do it live. The record took awhile, just finishing touches – but the first 80 percent of the tracking and everything comes as the songs are being written. And then we’ll layer on a lot of little things – little clarinets, and flutes, and horns, and anything we think fits. And then those things get dumped to an old vintage Pioneer tape deck we use live, so that reel-to-reel player sits center stage and plays all those backing tracks. So, it’s pretty easy, once we have it written and recorded, you know, we take what parts we’re gonna play and we play those, and the other things are on the tape, and we’re instantly ready for live performance.
KWUR: Gotcha. How’s the invention company coming? Bad Ideas?
Ben: Bad Brands. Bad Ideas is pretty good, though.
Seb: We’ll have to steal that from you.
KWUR: Wait, no, that’s not alright. We’ll talk about it later.
Seb: We’ll talk to our attorneys, we’ll probably get it from you, though. Whether you like it or not.
Ben: It’s exactly where you would imagine it would be, a few months down the road. We have a long line of inventions that’s constantly growing, but none of them have ocurred just yet.
Seb: I had a great idea the other day.
Ben: Save it!
Seb: I can’t say it, I can just tell you: A. It’s brilliant, B. I can’t tell you.
KWUR: Well that’s not fair. Then why even bring it up?
Seb: Because one day humanity will benefit from the idea, but at the moment, it’s just in the works. But yeah, it’s going well, it’s going well. We’ve diversified our portfolio.
KWUR: That’s good. Especially in these times…
Seb: Exactly. You can’t just be a band anymore, you have to invent stuff.
Ben: You know, with the economy and all… I feel like I hear someone say that once a day. “With the economy…”
KWUR: Being the way it is.
Ben: Why don’t we stop and grab some breakfast, let’s go to Cracker Barrel. You know, because the economy.
KWUR: Cheaper.
Ben: Yeah, something.
Seb: Every commercial on television is like, you know, in this economy.
KWUR: The car commercials are my least favorite, because either they’re not addressing what’s going on at all, or it’s really heartbreaking, depressing. They’re like “we’re just totally screwed.”
Seb: Here at Hyundai, we’ll pay YOU to drive our cars.